A traditional infusion of hemp in high quality coconut oil.

2.0 oz

For the traditionalists out there who love the smell of hemp and appreciate it's history. This semi-solid coconut oil-derived product is somewhere between a cream and a salve. It’s a simple infusion of hemp in coconut oil, then strained for a smooth consistency. Good for anywhere you’d typically use coconut oil as a moisturizer -- skin, nails, lips or even hair-- with a little CBD kick. Hatshe developed this product with their partners based on their commitment to producing as little waste as possible. The extraction method for their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil leaves perfectly good CBD on the plant. This is their way of getting the last little bit out of the plant and theyve found that this last little bit packs quite a punch. This product will change smell and CBD content based on the availability of material.


Directions: Apply as desired to skin - special attention to wrists, temples and other pressure points and  inflamed areas. Reapply as needed. Discontinue use and consult your physician immediately if irritation occurs.




Hatshe Green Rub